I Am Forever: Season 2 Episode 1

posted on November 17, 2015

The question of how to save American culture and maintain our country’s strength for future generations receives a varied and impressionistic answer in Season 2 of “I Am Forever,” sponsored by FNH USA. While a refugee from Greece reflects on his encounter with the American Dream, a panel of analysts discusses what must be done to change the course of our history. And host Kristy Titus leads a team of women on an expedition into the unforgiving wilderness of the Pacific Northwest. She recently gave us some insight as to what went into filming the episode.

A1F Daily: We assume that you already know your way around a rifle and a backcountry trail, given your extensive hunting background. Having said that, did you find yourself picking up new skills during the training sessions? Was there anything that was more difficult than you expected? 

Kristy Titus: There is so much information to learn and new skill sets to hone in on, that I strive to never stop learning in any environment. Our cadre leaders on the set of “I Am Forever”—Caylen Wojcik, Cody Carroll and Luke Carrick—were tremendous instructors capable of advancing any individual in the backcountry and with a firearm at all levels of experience. For me, I am hopeless in the backcountry without a GPS. We filmed the series entirely off map and compass, using terrain association and dead reckoning—which was a huge challenge. You will have to watch and see how that all went down in the dark on the mountain … 

A1F: Viewers may have seen you previously on NRA Women’s “Tips & Tactics” and promoting the new NRA News channel. How did your involvement with the NRA develop? 

KT: Personal protection, especially as a woman, is something that is always on my mind. A little over two years ago, I made the decision to do more to empower women to take up shooting sports and became an NRA Certified Basic Pistol Instructor. There are many things that we as individuals can do to protect ourselves in addition to carrying a firearm. To help spread that message, I became an NRA Certified Refuse To Be A Victim® instructor as well. A few tips from attending the RTBAV course can literally save your life. 

From there, I was blessed to be able to contribute to “Tips & Tactics” some important pointers and techniques that have been especially valuable to me while at the range and afield.

My relationship with NRA has continued to grow, and the putting together of Season 2 of “I Am Forever” is something that I am honored to be part of. 

A1F: Where did this expedition take place? What are the notable features of the area? 

KT: We filmed the series in the surrounding area of Darland Mountain in Washington. This area boasts spectacular views of the Goat Rocks Wilderness, Mount Rainier, the Cascade Mountain Range, Mount Adams—the scenery and terrain simply could not be more spectacular and challenging. 

A1F: What are you hoping will be the big takeaway (or maybe there will be several) for viewers?​ 

KT: America was based upon a dream—a dream that with hard work and determination, any dream can become a reality. We can be anything we want, learn anything that we want to know and have the beautiful landscape of freedom to pursue life, liberty and happiness. 

Within the current climate of our country, that landscape is at risk of changing into something that will no longer afford the opportunity of the American Dream. Now is the time that within our homes, our communities and throughout our country we must cultivate a climate that grows personal responsibility, self-sufficiency and the value of hard work and determination. That is the climate that has led to the success of our country; we must protect that environment before it is gone. 

The new episode is available on NRA News. To watch it in its entirety, go here!


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