Mindy Ellis Campbell Is NRA Country

posted on July 24, 2019

NRA Country, like most NRA members, places a high value on both relationships and family. When we had the chance to work with a country talent who just so happens to be married to one of our favorite artists, Craig Campbell, we jumped at the opportunity. Make no mistake about it, Mindy Ellis Campbell’s talent—and career—stands on its own two legs without any help from her husband. Her voice is captivating. She’s incredibly entertaining on stage, evidenced by the fact that Alan Jackson added her to multiple of his 2019 tour dates. At this year’s Annual Meetings, NRA members fell in love with her both on the NRA Country Sound Stage and on Saturday night’s headline concert in Lucas Oil Stadium. She’s a star on the rise, and we’re happy to bring her to the attention of our members. NRA Country’s Vanessa Shahidi connected with Mindy and asked her a few questions about why she is NRA Country.

VS: Do you have a personal favorite firearm?
MEC: I love a shotgun. We shoot sporting clays every year around Christmas time. I also love my Glock 42 that my husband bought me for our anniversary one year. He’s a true romantic.

VS: Who shared their love of the great outdoors with you when you were growing up?
MEC: My parents. I grew up on a ranch west of Loveland, Colo. My family raised elk and buffalo and would give chuck wagon dinner rides. We would take you up the mountain on a covered wagon or by horseback. Guests could feed and pet the elk and buffalo, then we would feed you dinner. I got my start singing around the campfire to all of our guests—just me and my guitar.

VS: Have you had any memorable hunts?
MEC: We went hunting for elk on horseback. It was in the deep snow and so much fun. We never killed an elk, but the experience was one I’ll never forget. I also love bird hunting. My family used to take us to Nebraska over Thanksgiving. We would hunt pheasant and that would be our Thanksgiving meal. Sometimes we starved, but most of the time I had a full belly! I’m proud to say I had a pretty good aim.

VS: What are you excited about these days?
MEC: Currently I sing twice a week at venues downtown in Nashville on Broadway. I get to meet people from all over the world from all spectrums of life. I also have two little girls ages 8 and 11 who love to sing. Someday I foresee us making a family album with Craig. We joke all that time that our girls are our retirement plan because they can out-sing both of us!



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