NOIR: Season 4 Episode 7

posted on November 17, 2015

No need to adjust your set—on this finale episode of NOIR Season 4, we see Colion Noir portraying multiple segments of the gun community at the same time. We also receive some powerful closing reflections on how to be an effective advocate for the Second Amendment, and on what the freedom that it enshrines means for us as individuals. 

A1F Daily: The kind of athletic shooting that you do isn’t something that the typical city dweller gets the opportunity to engage in very often. Are there certain “off-range” exercises or drills that you find useful to stay in good form between outings? 

Colion Noir: Really, you can’t beat dry fire practice. It seems mundane and ineffective, but it does wonders if you practice consistently.  

A1F: We’re full of anticipation for Season 5. Is there anything you can tell us about what to expect—timing, content, setting? 

CN: Season 4 was just setting the stage for what should be a grand fifth season. I’ve gathered a lot from these conversations that I will be taking with me into the next season—and that’s about as much as I can say right now.  

A1F: Was there anything that surprised you about sitting down with so many people outside the gun community and having a friendly discussion with them? Did you find that a lot of them were open to changing their attitudes in line with new information, or were they more stuck in their ways?​ 

CN: I learned a few things. People don’t like looking foolish, and people don’t like being judged. Getting on camera and engaging in a challenging discussion is overwhelming for a lot of people. However, when you make them comfortable, the truth comes out, and that’s usually all I want—the truth. Very rarely are you going to get people to admit they were wrong about something, but I’ve learned to pick up on when that mental shift hits without them saying anything.  

The new episode is available on NRA News. To watch it in its entirety, go here!


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