Nosler Announces Rifle Packages to Raise Money for Veterans

posted on May 2, 2022
courtesy Nosler

Nosler recently announced a new program designed to raise awareness and funds for American veterans and their families. Working with the Boot Campaign, Nosler has produced 22 specially serialized Model 48 Long Range Carbon rifles. All funds will go directly to the Boot Campaign.

“Our mission is to unite Americans to honor and restore the lives of veterans and military families through individualized, life-improving programs,” said the Boot Campaign, which serves veterans by creating individualized programs that provide “high-touch, customized care to treat the root cause of invisible wounds of war.”

Each custom bolt-action rifle features a Proof Research barrel chambered in 28 Nosler, with custom Manners Carbon Fiber stocks and Timney triggers. Leupold joined the charitable cause and donated each optic and mount as well, all of which were installed and pre-zeroed by Nosler.

“Chris Kyle famously said that it is our duty to serve those who serve us. We don’t take that lightly and Boot Campaign does a tremendous job in helping the people and their families that have sacrificed the most for our freedoms. For us this project wasn’t even an option but an obligation and the only other question we had was what can we do next to help this nation’s greatest heroes,” said John Nosler, president of Nosler.

You can also find Nosler back on Twitter now that the platform has a new owner. You can find more information on the custom rifle packages at and learn more about the Boot Campaign and its other projects at


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