Pittsburgh Officials Put Themselves Above the Law

posted on January 31, 2019

In the aftermath of the Tree of Life Synagogue shooting, liberal Pittsburgh leaders gave a predictable knee-jerk response: They immediately blamed the gun and came up with a series of restrictions that they are sure will stop violent attacks involving firearms.

So much for abiding by Pennsylvania’s state preemption law. Of course, if your name is Councilman Corey O’Connor, you apparently think the law doesn’t pertain to you.

“We’re doing what’s right, not only for our city, but we think this is what’s right across the country and nobody’s going to stop us from doing that,” O’Connor said.

And he said this after District Attorney Stephen Zappala wrote to the council members to explain that they were overstepping their bounds.

It looks like the Pittsburgh City Council is bent on becoming the very definition of tyranny, moving into the realm of lawlessness. Pennsylvania has thwarted such high-mindedness from municipalities before, so the Steel City’s latest efforts likely will be just another unenforceable law. It’s time for the state and its citizens to stand up to wasteful grandstanding.


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NRA Logo On Blue

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