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at President, NRA posted on August 18, 2020
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As an active wife, mother and grandmother, I am often asked what inspired me to serve our great organization as NRA President. In a word, that answer is you—the over 5-million-strong NRA family of members—my fellow patriots. We come from all walks of life, but remain united in our mission to protect freedom and the Second Amendment. We believe in God and in our country, and we take pride in NRA’s history of fighting for that freedom. 

This is why I so looked forward to our 149th NRA Annual Meeting of Members this month in Springfield, Missouri. However, due to the ever-evolving COVID-19 pandemic, the NRA Executive Committee has voted to reschedule the membership meeting to a date later this fall. This decision was made after considering the health, safety, and well-being of our membership during this uncertain time. The simple fact that the business of the NRA goes on despite the challenges brought on by COVID-19 underscores how our strength and political firepower truly lies with you members. We know that the resilience of the NRA—and our country—comes from the Constitutionally-protected rights of each individual. These cherished rights are currently under fire from radical gun-control advocates and we NRA members are needed more than ever. Please visit the NRA Annual Meetings website for updated event details at

Though the 2020 gathering may not reach the record-breaking attendance of recent years, leading the NRA Annual Meeting of Members is still the most personally rewarding task I perform as NRA President. It will be an honor to stand before you, as faithful NRA members gather under one roof to strike a resounding chord in freedom’s name.

Our officers will share their vision for the future and will engage attending members as we have for 148 consecutive years and counting. And much to the chagrin of the mainstream media and political elite, you can bet that the NRA will emerge re-energized. We believe in who we are and in who we are meant to be as Americans. To the dismay of liberal extremists who seek to destroy us and destroy so much of what makes our nation great, we take the high road and never turn from family-oriented values and patriotism. On that unyielding foundation, we will take our case to the voters and prevail in November’s critical elections.

Understand that the NRA is working non-stop for candidates who will never yield our God-given right to defend ourselves and our loved ones.

Growing up in rural Georgia, I learned about those family values and patriotism at a young age. I learned that the NRA is the foremost authority in training Americans how to be safe and responsible with firearms. I was so proud the day I took possession of a family rifle—a prized .22-caliber Remington. It has peep sights, and I could strike a match shooting it. It is not worth much money, but in my vast gun collection, I tend to cherish it more than others due to its sentimental value. I was proud, along with my husband, who is also an avid hunter and shooter, to pass on that rifle to my three sons, their wives and my seven grandchildren. Like all of you, the Meadows family is the NRA.

This year’s election though will decide if those values can continue to be passed on to future generations. Understand that the NRA is working non-stop for candidates who will never yield our God-given right to defend ourselves and our loved ones. We must cast our votes to elect them, and defeat any who regard us with contempt simply because we cling to our faith and our freedoms. Be assured NRA will again champion the will of America’s gun owners, but without you and your unwavering support, our voice and our firearms freedoms could be in peril.

Indeed, our way of life and our liberty will be on the line November 3. Our opponents continue their relentless push to turn America away from its core values and the rule of law. But I know we will prevail. The NRA is strong and resilient because of you. With moral clarity, we will preserve our country, our Constitution and the Second Amendment freedoms upon which America was founded. 

Please know that I am praying for you—our NRA family—every day. And I pray for strength and wisdom for President Donald J. Trump and our elected leaders, that they are guided by faith, duty to country, and the pillars of liberty that make this country great. Together, we NRA members will further strengthen freedom’s cause.



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