Standing Guard | Only NRA Members Can Stop Biden’s Agenda

posted on January 24, 2023
Wayne LaPierre

As Americans, we enjoy more freedom than most anyone else on earth. And yet, sadly, far too many people fail to comprehend this. Even fewer truly appreciate our freedom and its many blessings. Fewer still are willing to fight for it.

That’s why, as someone who cares deeply and passionately about the future of freedom in this nation of ours, I consider my decision to be a card-carrying member of the National Rifle Association the most important and consequential choice I can make.

I know you feel the same way. Your NRA membership puts you firmly in the camp of a special and courageous band of patriots who are willing to fight for freedom.

And there can be no doubt: If the freedom we NRA members cherish and revere is going to survive the next, and hopefully final, two years of Joe Biden’s presidency, it will take all of us card-carrying members of the NRA pulling together and fighting with every ounce of our being.

Joe Biden has made it clear that instituting a sweeping, all-out ban on semi-automatic firearms is one of his top priorities this year.  

“The idea that we still allow semi-automatic weapons to be purchased is sick,” said Biden, shortly after last November’s midterm elections.

“It has no, no social redeeming value. Zero. None.”

He’s vowed to weaponize the full power of the federal government to lay siege against the Second Amendment—each and every day until you and I forced to hand over our firearms. 

In fact, no politician in modern American history—not Barack Obama nor even Hillary Clinton—has made it clearer than Biden that our most-sacred freedom is on the chopping block and he’s coming for our guns.

Even as record numbers of law-abiding Americans continue to purchase firearms for personal protection amid an unprecedented violent-crime wave that Biden himself has helped create, he is threatening to use his power as president to disarm us.

And banning semi-automatic firearms isn’t the only radical, freedom-killing item on his agenda. He wants to ban every firearm in America that holds multiple rounds, and he’s also gunning to put America’s gun manufacturers out of business by way of crushing, frivolous lawsuits.

Biden is filled with a venomous contempt for gun owners and the Second Amendment that runs deeper than any president in history. And if you and I don’t take his message to heart right now, we will lose our guns, our Second Amendment freedom, and our God-given right to protect ourselves and our loved ones.  

I refuse to live in the dark and dangerous wilderness that Biden’s gun ban would create—a lawless jungle where innocent Americans are little more than prey to the violent criminals that Biden and his allies refuse to arrest, prosecute and incarcerate.

Because you’re a fellow NRA member, I know you do, too. 

The lines are drawn. All Joe Biden needs to make his gun-ban dream a reality is a handful of votes in a closely divided Congress. The most precious right we enjoy as Americans—our Second Amendment Right to Keep and Bear Arms—depends on you and me now more than ever.

As NRA members, we have one job to do this year. We need to fight every single day for the survival of our gun rights. We need to reach the millions of Americans who are first-time gun owners and instill in them the core principle of freedom that burns deeply in each of us: Our Second Amendment right to self-defense is the most fundamental and vital freedom we possess, and it’s the one freedom we must fight for and defend at all costs.

We need to shatter the lie of anti-gun propaganda with the plain, unassailable truth: Politicians like Joe Biden who propose gun bans aren’t simply uninterested in reducing violent crime. They are knowingly and actively serious about enabling violent crime. Decades of history, statistics, and crime data leave no doubt.

We need to expose the rank hypocrisy of the politicians, billionaires, and elites who want to strip us of our God-given right to self-defense but who sleep soundly every night themselves behind their gates, walls and armed security.

This is a battle that you and I have trained for all our lives. It’s a battle we can and must win. But, like so many times before, victory is only possible if we all pull together and fight under the NRA banner.


Joe Biden
Joe Biden

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