Stand Up For Freedom—Stand With Your NRA

posted on June 28, 2019

The fight for freedom is never easy. But, times of great change and challenge, help pull us together.

Our fight for our rights, freedom and liberty begins and ends with all of us.

These are tough times. Those who hate us call us vile names.  “Terrorist.”  “Extremist.”  You’ve heard them.

But have you asked yourself: who are we?  Who are the real men and women of the NRA?

We are active duty military…   veterans… first responders…students… nurses… scouting leaders… business owners… parents… coaches…  grandparents… ranchers… farmers… truck drivers… doctor… caregiver… pilot… security guard… banker…  store owners… salespersons… mechanics… realtors…  chefs…  craftsmen… pastors… teachers… veterinarians…  town council members… your neighbors!

We are ONE.  One of over 100 million gun owners in America. We live in every community. We wear every uniform. We are of every ethnicity.

We hold our freedom quietly and closely, but stubbornly. We will, however, stand tall and vote for our freedom. Every single time.

When Wayne asked the tens of thousands of people attending the 2019 NRA-ILA Leadership Forum in Indianapolis “to stand up and be recognized as Americans.” He pointed to the news cameras and the reporters and said to them, “We are Americans. We love our country. We are going to defend our freedom and keep fighting for freedom, and standing and fighting every day.”


We are 5 million strong. We are Americans standing up for our freedom, for the Second Amendment of our Bill of Rights.  We are the NRA.

Happy Independence Day.




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