Standing Guard | The Anti-Gun Crime Wave

posted on November 23, 2021
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As NRA members, you and I share core beliefs and a connection to the fabric of what keeps us free.

Whenever you see someone wearing an NRA cap or T-shirt, you know that person is a special breed. Our insignia is almost like the American flag in that respect. It says, “I’m a patriot.” It says, “I’m not only a true believer in freedom, but also willing to sacrifice and fight for that freedom.”

NRA is now, and has always been, about our membership. It’s about giving voice to our values. And there can be no question that the power of our voice has never been more vital to the survival of freedom in this country.

Everywhere you look, you can see Americans are worried about the direction our nation is headed. They’re sick and tired of watching our time-honored American values, like freedom, honesty, integrity and the rule of law being reduced, ridiculed and replaced by politicians who deal in lies. Politicians who see integrity as a weakness, and who don’t give a damn about your freedom or the rule of law.

There has never been a time when anti-gun politicians have been responsible for more death, destruction and crime than right now.

The same politicians who want to disarm law-abiding citizens have unlocked prison cells and released countless violent felons onto our streets. The same governors and mayors who are dismantling their police forces are actively working to make sure criminals with guns never face the justice that our laws demand.

In far too many cities and states right now, the entire system is designed to spit criminals back onto the streets and grease the skids for the next crime.

And, as millions of Americans are forced to live in fear and lives are cut tragically short in Chicago, New York, L.A., Philadelphia and dozens of cities and towns across America … what are gun-ban politicians doing? They’re painting a bright red target on freedom’s back, claiming that our values, our constitutional rights and our lawfully owned guns are the root cause of the anarchy and bloodshed that their policies enable.

As crime continues to grow, unabated, and innocent Americans continue to fall victim, these so-called leaders wash their hands of it.

Just listen to them in their own words.

According to Van Johnson, the mayor of Savannah, Ga.:  “We’ve done almost all
we can do.”

Cleveland mayor Frank Jackson claims: “There’s nothing that’s going to bring this down in the near future.”

Tishaura Jones, the mayor of St. Louis, Mo., which has the shameful distinction of being the most dangerous city in the United States, says: “More police doesn’t prevent crime.”

Jones ran for office on the promise to defund the police, and, once elected, she did exactly that.

And according to Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: “If we want to reduce violent crime, if we want to reduce the number of people in our jails, the answer is to stop building more of them.”

Meanwhile, in New York City, illegal shootings doubled over the prior year, and homicide rose over 30 percent. Mayor Bill de Blasio blamed coronavirus and then disbanded his city’s Anti-Crime Unit.

And now, just recently, de Blasio announced a new program that he claims will help fight back against crime.

You can’t even make this up: He’s going to pay felons, who committed deadly crimes, $1,000 a month to not commit any more crimes.

Think about that.

There was a time when political leaders would say crime doesn’t pay. Now, in New York City, if you committed a violent crime, it can earn you $1,000 a month, courtesy of the law-abiding, and disarmed, taxpayers.

But here’s the dirty little secret anti-gun politicians and the media won’t tell you.

Every one of these politicians has the power, right now, to clean up their cities, save hundreds of lives and put a virtual end to violent crime.

All they have to do is enforce existing gun laws. That’s it. Do their job!

But the truth is, they flat-out don’t care. Neither do Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, Charles Schumer, or Nancy Pelosi.

They don’t see rising homicide statistics as anything more than political fodder in their warped crusade against the Second Amendment.

It gives them the platform they need to lie and spin and baselessly attack you and me. It keeps the TV cameras and fawning media attention always pointed in their direction. And it keeps an endless stream of money flowing into their campaign coffers from billionaires like Michael Bloomberg.

What a sick, twisted business they’re in. They’d rather get tough on the law-abiding than get tough on criminals. They’d rather kill the Second Amendment than save lives.

And they want each and every one of us to be forced to confront evil with empty hands.

Now, more than ever, there is no more relevant and necessary freedom than the Second Amendment. It’s pure, pristine and modern. It gives the hopeless hope and makes the defenseless defenders.

And no matter how much politicians, and their dishonest allies in the media, try to debase and destroy our freedom, I know that the men and women of the National Rifle Association will reliably and vehemently fight back!


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Gun Free Zone Illustration of NYC

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