The Armed Citizen® May 19th, 2023

posted on May 19, 2023
The Armed Citizen

A 53-year-old grandmother in Houston, Texas, was working with her brother in her family’s “soul food” truck on Mar. 28 when a 23-year-old man pulled up next to the truck and asked what they served. He then exited his vehicle while the owner was responding and suddenly shoved his gun into the service window and tried to shoot; fortunately, the gun jammed. The armed grandmother drew her own gun and shot the suspect several times, according to police. He collapsed about 50 feet away from the food truck and was pronounced dead at the scene. No charges had been filed against the food truck owners. (, Houston, Texas, 3/31/23;, Houston, Texas, 3/28/23)

Two men, one a concealed-carry holder, were walking toward a Detroit liquor store on Feb. 8 when they noticed another pair of men standing outside the store. Once inside, the initial pair noticed that the men who’d been outside were now following them. They left and tried to return to their vehicle, but one of the two followers began an argument and pulled out a handgun. He allegedly threatened to kill the concealed-carry holders’ friend if they didn’t give him everything they had. The armed citizen gave up his wallet, but the alleged robber was not satisfied and started to search their bodies for more valuables as he continued threatening both men with his firearm. At this point, the concealed carrier drew his own gun and fired one shot into the assailant’s chest. When police responded, the concealed carrier approached them with his hands on his head and explained the situation. Police found the suspect lying on the ground with a gun nearby, along with the victim’s wallet. Surveillance video confirmed the armed citizen’s account and the suspect, a felon, was charged for being in possession of a firearm. (, Detroit, Mich., and, Southfield, Mich., 3/16/23)


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