The Father’s Day Gift the Left Doesn’t Want You to Buy

posted on June 19, 2021

Imagine the social-media ire if you posted a picture of a brand new gun you received or gave for Father’s Day. A shiny new gun with a bright red ribbon on it—oh the horror.

The woke mob would light their figurative torches and try to cancel you from virtual existence. But the woke mob, despite their volume and control of the mainstream media, Hollywood, and Big Tech, are actually a small group of loud people who are filled with fear.

They’re afraid of strength and individualism, as these two qualities are the antithesis of someone who can be cowed and controlled.

And few things symbolize individualism more than a legally owned gun.

This is an important point, as the Left isn’t actually afraid of you and your guns. Deep down they must know that America’s 100 million-plus legal gun owners are very lawful people. What they fear is that people will do something good with a gun, such as stop a murderer, as they don’t want to see individuals act heroically—as Stephen Hunter says, “They hate heroes.” This is why the mainstream media downplays or outright ignores every positive armed citizen story—and there are a lot.

Another reason the Left hates heroes is because they are too focused on being victims to be heroes. But perhaps the biggest reason the Left tries to ignore this individual action is because they can’t control such a person. People who can stand up to protect themselves are also much more likely to vote for this freedom.

So for Father’s Day, get your father, husband, son, or uncle something he can shoot; if not, at least get him something he can clean, add-to, or better store his guns with.

By doing this, you’ll put your finger on the very thing that divides stand-up men from the Left’s woke warriors. I don’t have any data to prove this, but my gut tells me that behind any screen name hiding the identity of a woke bully is actually a coddled, self-loathing, unaccomplished person who has never had to take care of or think for themselves.

Real men, in contrast, do things. And doing things—real things—builds character. Just, sound, mature action is what defines a man, grows a man, and makes a man; and this attribute comes from accomplishing real, as in physically demanding, things. Learning to handle guns safely and to shoot well in various disciplines clearly qualifies as a real thing.

Now please, don’t misconstrue this Father’s Day advice to mean that a man needs a gun to be a man; rather, it’s that having some experience with guns helps build an honest opinion of a fundamental and very physical right, a right that, when wielded with maturity, augments the type of needed rugged individualism the Left fears and that America needs if it is to continue to be a successful nation.

Interestingly, this touches on why the Left fears confident individuals, as such people are truly individuals, not people who can be controlled with politically correct, woke orthodoxy. Such is also why, when confronted, the Left believes accommodation is preferable to action until they overreact and burn down main street, as it takes real strength and maturity to pull back from overusing force. (This is why Mahatma Gandhi said, “The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.”) It is also why armed citizens, almost without exception, show restraint even when they are caught in a horrifying situation.

So for Father’s Day, get your dad, or any important man in your life, something practical, something real they can do real things with. A new gun is something they’ll never forget, but anything related to the gun sports is great too. As long as they can do something real, not virtual, with the gift, you have succeeded in saying thanks for their manliness. (Frank Miniter is the author of The Ultimate Man’s Survival Guide and the Cyber Hunter Series of thrillers.)


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