Tom Steyer Tries to Buy Florida Governorship

posted on October 3, 2018
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Continuing to build on the theory that election results can be bought, Democrat billionaire Tom Steyer is putting more than $5 million behind Andrew Gillum in the Florida gubernatorial race. When paired with his earlier contributions to the Gillum campaign, Steyer has committed to spend $6.6 million on winning the state’s top executive’s post.

Gillum is challenging Ron DeSantis, a conservative Republican.

The objective is simple: Democrat activists want to see whether they can flip a Republican stronghold solely on the coattails of the elites who have money to throw at what would have once been a long shot. The state’s voters haven’t elected a Democrat to the governor’s mansion in 20 years, which means the race could offer a barometric reading of how large infusions of cash influence elections.

Gillum’s views are in line with Steyer’s own. Gillum is vociferous on the topic of gun control and he doesn’t hold back when it comes to criticizing Donald Trump. (Steyer has been behind calls for Trump’s impeachment.)

The fact that Gillum and Steyer see eye to eye on key issues is all the reason Steyer needs to make the Gillum campaign his single biggest investment during the 2018 election season.

Some speculate that if Steyer gets the result he wants—a liberal in a traditional conservative stronghold—he will use that win as a springboard for his own run for the presidency in 2020.

The NRA is calling upon its members to step up to the plate and show Steyer and others of his ilk that state offices can’t be bought. Get out and vote Nov. 6. And make sure your like-minded friends and family members vote, too.

Check back to for more of our coverage on how a few people with deep pockets are trying to use their dollars to win elections.


Charles L. Cotton
Charles L. Cotton

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