Women’s March Leaders Turn On One Of Their Own

posted on July 20, 2017
Tamika Mallory photo by Paras Griffin/Getty Images for 2017 ESSENCE Festival

It has been said, “No good deed goes unpunished.” Just ask a Twitter user who goes by the handle @goodlittletiger. She’s an openly anti-gun advocate who went all-in for her side during the Women’s March’s unwarranted attack on the National Rifle Association. In return for her attendance at the march and creative sign making, she was lambasted by the very organization that she supports.

@goodlittletiger made a sign that said: “2ND AMEND FOR WHITES ONLY,” which was her way of articulating a frequent leftist trope that gun rights aren’t for minorities. The Women’s March took a photo of the tweeter holding the sign and opined, “The people who protested against ‪#NRA2DOJ are the same people who believe the 2nd Amendment only applies to white people. We see you, ‪@NRA.”

Hold up a minute. This is a sign by one of their own, easily verifiable supporters used to support their false tale against gun owners and the NRA. The NRA is for everyone; membership is open to any person willing to join. Twitter user @goodlittletiger repeatedly tweeted images of herself supporting their cause and asked them to fix it.

When made aware of the mistake, the Women’s March Twitter account left the tweet up, refusing to correct the error.

When made aware of the mistake, the Women’s March Twitter account left the tweet up, refusing to correct the error.The Female Anatomical Hat Brigade (my nickname for those that knit hats in the shape of the female anatomy for attention) are all het up over an ad titled “The Violence Of Lies” that NRA Spokesperson Dana Loesch shot two months ago decrying the hate-filled rhetoric and violent actions of the Left. But instead of using racist remarks, tweets and/or signs made by gun owners or NRA members—they aren’t able to do so because there aren’t any—the Women’s March is perpetuating a falsehood by parading one of their supporters as one of ours.

Was this the point of organizing a march from the NRA national headquarters in Virginia to the Department of Justice? Perhaps. The march wasn’t a huge success attendance-wise, and had no real effect—the NRATV ad that supposedly triggered it is still up. And the Left’s slick logos and use of media to trash those who disagree with their position hasn’t changed the perceptions of hard-working people who want to be left alone in peace.

Upon noticing that they had been properly called out in the ad, their most prominent activists Tamika Mallory, Women’s March National Board co-president, and co-treasurer Linda Sarsour took to social media and TV airwaves to accuse Loesch and the NRA of racism. Par for the course. Had these Women’s March leaders taken even a cursory listen to what Loesch said, they could have joined in the call for regular everyday Americans to refuse to tolerate violence masquerading as peaceful protests.

Tweet from Women's March leaders slamming one of their own supporters. They later refused to remove it.

Everyday Americans are presented with the choice between maintaining their personal safety and supporting the free exercise of the First Amendment. Just one year ago, 10 police officers were gunned down in sniper fire while they protected so-called peaceful protesters. Ambush attacks on police are on the rise, and the blocking of highways and other roads is now deemed accepted practice for activists—even though doing so is against the law  and impedes emergency vehicles and parents who need to pick up children from school and childcare from reaching their destinations. Although some road blockers have been arrested, very few have been prosecuted for their crimes.

As many have said on NRATV and radio, including Cam Edwards, Grant Stitchfield and Colion Noir, this illegal activity has to stop. Women’s March leadership has to deflect to racism because Loesch has a point: No one has a right to violently disrupt the lives of Americans—no matter what political issue they seek to highlight. Instead of calling for open dialogue and engagement to accomplish quantifiable goals, leftists are letting loose their feelings with little thought to the repercussions.

While I absolutely hold individuals who choose to commit violence responsible for their own actions, there is also culpability for those using their words to incite others. Clearly the Women’s Marchers agree. If they did not feel a sense of responsibility, falsely using one of their supporters to advance the narrative of “racist gun owners” would not be necessary.

Stacy Washington is a decorated Air Force veteran, Emmy-nominated TV personality and host of nationally syndicated radio program “Stacy on the Right,” based in St. Louis. She loves God, guns, and is a member of the NRA, obviously.


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