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Doug Koenig Talks About Gun Control

Doug Koenig Talks About Gun Control

Competitive shooter Doug Koenig was asked: What would you say when someone criticizes our Second Amendment and wants to pass more gun control laws in the wake of a tragedy, like a school shooting? 

I would say to enforce the laws that we currently have and to take a look at mental health and prescription drugs. You will never stop all acts of violence with more legislation. If someone evil is determined to do something harmful, they will find a way. Illegal drugs still run ramped in our country even with all the laws against them and all the law enforcement resources used to stop them. 

Doug Koenig, regarded as a once-in-a-generation talent, redefines what it takes to be a World Champion Professional Shooter. In 1990, Doug turned pro and he scored an unprecedented 1920x at the NRA’s Bianchi Cup. His list of accomplishments and championship wins includes more than 70 national and 10 world titles.

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