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Voting Matters Every Election

Voting Matters Every Election

Upon reading America’s 1st Freedom in June, I experienced that unsettling sensation when you feel that something isn’t good. Long before, I had realized that the Democratic party is on the wrong side of virtually every issue. I once thought it was because its members seemingly had no moral compass. Now, I see that they do have a compass, but it’s a bogus compass that’s 180 degrees out of whack. In the article “Hey, Hey, Ho, Ho, The NRA Has Got To Go,” Dave Kopel cited, “The elimination of legal gun ownership in the United States requires repeal of the Second Amendment. Repeal is favored by 39 percent of Democrats, according to a February poll by The Economist/YouGov. Among Democrats, 82 percent favored banning all semi-automatics, and 44 percent wanted to ban all handguns.” Elections matter. We cannot let the anti-gun crowd seize power or we will lose not only our gun rights, but our other rights and freedoms as well. Don’t just acquire nice tools and frequent the range and field. Register, vote, contribute, volunteer and influence like every election is our last stand. If we don’t, it well could be.

Wayne Carver 
Vandalia, Ohio

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