Great American Outdoor Show Filled with True Patriots

posted on February 6, 2020

Freedom is alive and well in Pennsylvania at the NRA Great American Outdoor Show in Harrisburg, Pa., this week with a quarter of a million Second Amendment supporters expected to attend throughout the show’s duration. Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to attend through Feb. 9.

“These are real people; these are our people. Each is a true patriot who wants the Second Amendment to succeed,” Willes K. Lee, NRA Second Vice President, told America’s 1st Freedom. “This is a real issue and the people here support our efforts.”

The nine-day event celebrates hunting, fishing and outdoor traditions ingrained into our American heritage with over one thousand exhibitors at the show, ranging from shooting manufacturers to outfitters and much more. Held at the Pennsylvania Farm Show Complex, it is the largest show of its kind and it takes up every inch of the 650,000-square-foot space available.

What’s the best advice you can receive? Wear comfortable shoes. There is no shortage of places to stop, people to talk to and events to see. Want to have a chance at winning a firearm? Visit the NRA Foundation’s Wall of Guns, sponsored by Nine Line Apparel. Think you have top-notch skills with a bow? Take the 3D Bowhunter Challenge for a chance to win cash prizes. Need a kid-friendly activity? Head over to the Eddie Eagle Kids Zone or kids can shoot at the Air-Gun Range, fish in the Trout Pond and more—and it’s free. The show’s schedule is packed from start to finish.

Freedom-loving attendees of all walks of life and from many states travel to attend the show. Ashley Boop, with her three-year-old son in tow, took a moment out of her day at the show to speak with America’s 1st Freedom.

“Guns rights are women’s rights,” said Boop, as her son repeatedly asked her for applesauce. “The best way to protect your kids and family is with a firearm. As a woman and mother of a young child, the great equalizer is a gun.” She also stressed the importance of being active online and supporting grassroots efforts to defend your Second Amendment rights.

The 2020 Great American Outdoor Show is also an excellent educational opportunity and offers over 200 seminars throughout the week from leading outdoors experts across a wide array of topics. There will also be fishing demonstrations every single day in the Hawg Tank, a 5,000-gallon tank full of freshwater fish.

NRA Board Member Kristy Titus held a seminar on big game and spoke to America’s 1st Freedom about the importance of education and conservation efforts. “Education is at the fore. These are the people actually buying and using the products,” said Titus, referring to the show’s attendees. “Pennsylvania recently legalized Sunday hunting and the Pittman-Robertson Act brings so much money to conservation efforts across the country and this is one more step.”

With over a thousand exhibitors in attendance, there is something for everyone. Black Rain Ordinance, known for their high-end AR-15-style rifles, told America’s 1st Freedom that its distinctly pro-Second Amendment gear has recently been some of its most-successful selling products.

“Our mission says we will never produce anything that we would not personally own and operate. Some of our most successful products have been our patriotic, pro-Second Amendment magazines and rifles,” said Charlie Spires, Black Rain Ordinance vice president.

The Great American Outdoor Show will run through Sunday Feb. 9. Don’t miss out on the numerous seminars, chances to speak with manufacturers across all facets of the outdoor industry and certainly don’t miss out on the NRA Country Concert on Saturday, Feb. 8, featuring Chris Janson, Jon Langston and Jacob Bryant—all outdoor enthusiasts themselves.

Download the mobile app to make sure that your show-going experience is as seamless as can be. Lastly, arrive early; the Great American Outdoor Show is full of true patriots, from the moment its doors opened on day one throughout the whole week.



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