First Gear: ISOtunes, Mission First Tactical and Liberty Gun Lube

posted on October 7, 2023
First Gear: Must-Haves for Gun Owners
Photos: Peter Fountain

1. Rock Out On The Range
Bluetooth earbuds are all the rage, and it’s no different on the range. These ISOtunes Caliber BT earbuds will let you move away from your sound source by 30 feet and will last 13 hours without needing to be recharged—if you’re on the range longer than 13 hours, you probably need an intervention. Sweat-proof, dust-proof, waterproof and cordless, and complete with a spiffy little charging case and several sizes of tips to fit your ears (though, as always, I struggled to keep them in my tiny ears), these are rated 25 NRR (noise reduction rating) and tested to ANSI specifications. ($199.99;

2. Stick Stuff Everywhere
Mission First Tactical’s Multi-Mount Platform allows you to mount anything that has a clip or belt loop—firearm, pepper spray, light, communication, medical kit—to anywhere you need it. It’s a simple design—a 1.5-inch-wide bit of plastic clips through two bars, then you simply clip anything else onto that. The mount will attach to your console, nightstand or wherever (even in a bag) via hook-and-loop or a sticky panel. This thing is convenient—I personally find myself needing about five of them. ($24.99;

3. A Protective Safety Flag
If you keep some of your guns unloaded in a safe, it makes sense to visibly show that they’re unloaded. It also makes sense to try to prevent corrosion when storing guns. An easy way to do both at once is by using Liberty Lubricants’ BoreCORR Barrel Saver flag, which works just like any other safety flag except that its flexible cord, which snakes into the gun’s chamber and barrel, is treated to be a corrosion inhibitor. Its rust and corrosion prevention should last you about two years. ($6.99-$14.99 individually;


Joseph P. DeBergalis Jr.
Joseph P. DeBergalis Jr.

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