Florida Pol Plays Off of Parkland to Condemn NRA

posted on July 27, 2018

Another gun control advocate running for office, another shallow candidate who can think no deeper about crime than to point fingers at the NRA and its 6 million members. Jeff Greene, a Democratic candidate for governor, has a simple message for Floridians: “As a father, I won’t stand by while the NRA turns our kids into targets” is a slogan emblazoned on some of his campaign literature. The artwork even shows silhouettes of children with target circles superimposed on them, as well as the NRA logo and the words “AR Practice.”

That’s just wrong on so many levels, we hope Floridians see this disgusting advertisement for what  it is: a ploy to bad-mouth the NRA because he won’t take the time to look for real solutions to the problem of violent crime.

The NRA is the only organization in America where the Association and its members must constantly fend off blame when someone who isn’t even a member commits a terrible act of violence. It’s not like NRA members stand on the sidelines and cheer when a school shooting happens; on the contrary, they get angry and mourn the loss of life like all Americans.

Former NRA President Marion P. Hammer wasted little time telling Floridians how over the line Greene’s message is.

“As a mother, grandmother and a proud NRA member for decades, I find his mailer repulsive,” she said. “It is clear that Jeff Greene is bankrupt of ideas, and he has to resort to these dumb ideas to try and get attention for himself and his campaign. When people can’t win on fact, they have to resort to cheap stunts like this.”

It’s obvious that he’s trying to capitalize on the horror of the Parkland shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, but he’s going about it the wrong way. Rather than assigning blame arbitrarily and without substantiation, Floridians should know that the NRA has taken an active role in promoting school safety with its NRA School Shield program. Does Greene even mention that? No, because that wouldn’t be politically expedient or fit his agenda, which seems to be to stir up anger.

As an individual vying for the chief executive office of Florida, Greene should be ashamed of himself. This is nothing more than another example of how little anti-gun politicians know about the gun issue and how far they’re willing to go to try to lure the unsuspecting into their web of deceit.


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