Idaho State Representative Takes Action to Protect Gun Rights at County Fairs

posted on August 8, 2019

Reports have arisen in Idaho about county fair officials and security guards trying to prevent law-abiding citizens from exercising their legal rights to carry their firearms on public property and county-owned fairgrounds.

That’s when pro-Second Amendment State Rep. Chad Christensen (R) stepped in and sent an email to sheriffs in his district about county fairs and firearms. He posted a copy of the letter to his Facebook page.

A portion of it stated: “I have full confidence that all of you are aware of Idaho Statute 18-3302J. Idaho Statute 18-3302J (most particularly subsection 2) does not allow the county to create a rule or policy not allowing citizens to carry on public property. Of course, there are exceptions to jails, courthouses, etc. Counties are authorized to make law or regulate, in regard to the discharging of a firearm. I am confident that violations of this statute are not happening in District 32. I feel we have good sheriffs in District 32. I would like to have a relationship with every one of you. Lt. Brown of the Twin Falls County Sheriff’s Department recently said this: ‘You’re there to have fun, it’s not a place to really bring your weapons. We encourage everybody to leave your weapons at home, and leave the security to us.’”

Rep. Christensen posted a reaction from the Twin Falls County Sheriff saying: “A Lieutenant from my agency made a remark, while being interviewed, that indicated we are not in favor of people using their 2nd Amendment rights to bear arms. Fact is that it was a bad choice of words and I take responsibility for his actions. My agency has no intentions of ever violating anyone’s legal right to bear arms while I am in office.”

Rep. Christensen has posted a Facebook message to his constituents about law-abiding citizens with firearms who experience similar situations at county fairs. “Please let me know, if you see something like this in our district. It is a violation of the law to stop you!”



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