Standing Guard | We Won With Trump, Gorsuch and Kavanaugh, but the Fight is Not Over

posted on November 22, 2018
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Originally published in the December 2018 Official Journals of the National Rifle Association

As you are
holding this magazine in your hand, I want to congratulate you and thank you.

You are a member of the National Rifle Association of America. You believe in your freedom, and, as an NRA member, you’ve done so much more. You’ve backed up your love of personal liberty with your membership, your contributions to the NRA and your conversations about what we all stand for, all with a determination to never back down and never surrender our constitutional freedom.

In the last two years, two pro-Second Amendment judges have been appointed to the U.S. Supreme Court. Two! Because of you and millions upon millions of like-minded NRA members who fought so hard in 2016 to elect one of the most pro-Second Amendment presidents in history.

You helped put Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh on the bench.

You helped change the direction of the highest court in the land for future generations of law-abiding gun owners.

You no doubt witnessed the spectacle of the latest Supreme Court hearings. I dare say that no one would claim it to be one of the finest moments in the history of the U.S. Congress. But, when debate ended and the dust cleared, a conservative, constitutional originalist, pro-Second Amendment judge was sworn in as a justice on the Supreme Court.

Our freedom won, and your support helped make that victory possible.

The haters of our liberty went nuts. They marched. They protested and got themselves arrested as some sort of badge of honor.

But despite their attempts to cast their protest as some sort of organic display of citizenship, we know the truth. We know the professional signs were not made at home. No doubt, some of the protesters may have been honest, motivated citizens. But we also know that paid protesters flooded Capitol Hill and disrupted congressional offices, even to the point of near violence.

One of these so-called citizen-activists made a brief name for herself by confronting a U.S. senator in an elevator and yelling at him in front of cameras of the agenda-driven national news.

In the days after, Ana Maria Archila was seen on national television, playing the role of celebrity activist, and hammering away in opposition to the Kavanaugh appointment to the bench.

Archila told the media that she spoke to senators as a woman and on behalf of so-called “survivors.” 

But eventually, truth rises to the surface.

It turns out that Ana Maria Archila is the 39-year-old co-executive director of the “Center for Popular Democracy,” a clearly and actively anti-President Trump organization. 

The hypocrisy of the elites is sickening. In an effort to transform America into their utopian socialist state, they have thrown hundreds of millions of dollars to buy elections around the country … paid professional protesters to storm into the streets … and partnered with most of the national news media to manufacture outrage to the point of potential violence.

All of it aimed at changing our country and destroying the Second Amendment forever. And the battle over our freedom has intensified. Already, Sens. Kamala Harris from California, Elizabeth Warren from Massachusetts and Cory Booker from New Jersey have been among those to hit the campaign trail in their heated race to seize the White House in 2020. Even Hillary Clinton is rumored for yet another run for president, and she has been raising millions of dollars. Billionaires Michael Bloomberg and Tom Steyer might both get into the race.

They all hate your freedom and despise your Second Amendment, and they long to seize and destroy your firearms.

It’s just that simple and just that true. Just as true is the reality that you—and your fellow NRA members—make up the only force that can keep their hands off our guns.

The battle for the White House is already being waged. Only a strong, growing, energized NRA can defend our president, preserve our pro-freedom Supreme Court and save our country.

I need you right now to renew your membership, upgrade your support for your NRA, talk to your colleagues, neighbors and friends, and sign them up as members of our great organization. Start doing that today and never stop for the next two years.

You have proven to be among America’s greatest patriots. You helped elect a pro-Second Amendment president. You helped get not one, but two, freedom-respecting justices appointed to the Supreme Court.

You defend liberty every day. I cannot thank you enough for your incredible support. But I need your continued support, and renewed commitment—now more than ever—to ensure that your NRA remains where it stands today, as “Freedom’s Safest Place!”



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