Standing Guard | America As We Know It Hangs In The Balance This November

posted on September 20, 2022
Wayne LaPierre

In the nearly three decades since I became executive vice president of the NRA, it has been my great honor to fight for freedom alongside extraordinary patriots like you every single day.

Together, we’ve changed the entire culture surrounding our Second Amendment rights, not just by winning elections and legislative battles, but also by touching millions of lives, one at a time, and kindling in them a passion for the great heritage that you and I inherited from generations of patriots who came before us.

But today, as you and I survey the political landscape, we can see that great heritage under assault in a way unlike anything we’ve witnessed in our lifetimes.

President Joe Biden and his anti-gun, anti-freedom allies in Congress don’t want America to be a nation where individual rights are sacrosanct and upheld by the highest offices and laws of the land.  

They want to fundamentally transform our country.  

In their warped vision for America, our justice system is wielded like a sword by those in power, used to strike down political opponents and anyone who disagrees with the ruling elites—as opposed to its intended and moral purpose as a shield of protection for all citizens, regardless of race, class, creed or political beliefs. 

Criminals are given express permission to terrorize our communities and prey on the innocent by way of a sinister revolving-door “justice” system that keeps them on the streets and out of jail.

All that Biden, Schumer and Pelosi need to completely destroy the Second Amendment—and other fundamental individual rights and freedoms—is a Congress that will vote their warped agenda into law.

Far-left political elites, from the president of the United States on down to governors, mayors and radical George Soros-funded district attorneys, fuel a raging fire of violence, murder and crime in our cities. And then, those same elites blame NRA members, law-abiding gun owners and our constitutional freedoms for the carnage.

The most vulnerable men and women in our society—living in cities like Chicago, New York, St. Louis and so many more—are disarmed by politicians and left helpless against the deadly crime those same politicians enable.

Federal agencies spin and scheme to convince Americans that lawful gun ownership under the Second Amendment is a “public-health problem.” A disease that’s spread by you, me and every patriotic American who chooses to exercise his or her God-given right to protect themselves and their loved ones. And the cure for this make-believe illness? Gun registration, gun bans, ammo bans and the outright shaming and persecution of law-abiding gun owners.

All that Biden, Schumer and Pelosi need to completely destroy the Second Amendment—and other fundamental individual rights and freedoms—is a Congress that will vote their warped agenda into law. 

When you and I go to the polls just  weeks from now, we will not be deciding the direction of our country for the next two years. We’ll be deciding the very survival of our freedom and our nation for generations to come.

You and I have stared down countless threats over the years. We’ve all stood strong together in the face of extraordinary headwinds. And, through it all, we’ve achieved victories for our Second Amendment rights and fundamental freedoms that few thought possible.

NRA members like you are the sworn defenders of every core principle and value that make America the freest and greatest nation on earth. Your NRA leadership has been the deciding factor in countless elections. And I know in my heart, if you and I continue to lead and fight through NRA, we can save freedom this November, and save the America we know and love. 

Thank you!


Gov. Gavin Newsom
Gov. Gavin Newsom

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