The Ultimate Man’s Survival Guide to the Workplace

posted on September 24, 2019

(Frank Miniter, $26.99, Hardcover, 256 pgs)

“This is the guidebook to all you need to know to succeed in the battlefield that is today’s workplace. What surprised me was how much I wish I had this book when I entered the Army.”
Retired Green Beret Greg Stube

As a reader of this magazine, you know gun rights are politically incorrect, at least according to the mainstream media. So we love that The Ultimate Man’s Survival Guide to the Workplace includes, in a chapter titled “Be a Man of Action in the Workplace,” a guide to carry guns and tips from multiple NRA-certified experts on how to carry while keeping a ready mindset—important advice for everyone today. Perhaps, though, that is to be expected from this book, as it was written by the editor in chief of this magazine.

Each section of this timely book brings in experts from many fields to show things like: “How to Create the Habits of a Hero,” “How to Defend Women (and Men) in this Age of the Hashtag” and even laugh-out-loud sections like “How to Use the Unisex Bathroom.” Because this age needs iconic heroes to learn from, there are smart “Portraits of Gentleman” that include Charlton Heston (“I’ll give you my gun when you pry it from my cold, dead hands.”) and General Douglas MacArthur (“Duty, Honor, Country, those three hallowed words reverently dictate what you ought to be, what you can be, what you will be.”). This book ends with appendices on the 50 books and movies a man should read and see.

Donald Trump Jr. even has a powerful Q&A in this book. Trump says, “It used to be that a man was ideally expected to try to be well-rounded, to be a Renaissance man…who is well read and travelled, who understands and has honed both the physical and the intellectual parts of himself, who is a gentleman and who will stand up for what’s right in small ways around the workplace and in big ways in times of great national peril. I don’t want to give up these American ideals. I also don’t think most Americans want to give them up. That’s why The Ultimate Man’s Survival Guide to the Workplace is a must-read.”

This surely is the businessman’s guidebook for the 21st century.


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