Friends Of NRA Volunteers Break Record In 2018 With Grassroots Fundraising

posted on May 31, 2019

Volunteers talk about auction items for bidding with event attendees. More than 13,000 dedicated volunteers work tirelessly to make Friends of NRA fundraising events successful.

The 13,000 volunteers behind the grassroots fundraising of the Friends of NRA really demonstrated their outstanding commitment by raising a record $33.3 million last year to enable The NRA Foundation to fund local, state, and national firearms education and training.

“Without our dedicated volunteers, Friends of NRA wouldn’t be the fundraising powerhouse it is today,” said Sarah Engeset, director of Volunteer Fundraising. “Our volunteers are passionate about the future of shooting sports and understand that, together, we are making a difference in America. The funds our volunteers help raise go to programs that not only support responsible firearm ownership and safety, but provide additional opportunities to help teach and pass on our shooting traditions.”

Friends of NRA is composed of a network of volunteers who hold fundraising events throughout the United States. They give their time to work on events in many capacities, including finding event sponsors, selling tickets, sourcing donations, event promotion, venue coordination, and other activities needed to hold a successful event.

Of the net funds raised within a state, 50 percent remains in that state to fund qualified programs, while the remaining 50 percent is used to fund programs and operations at the national level.

“This is one of the most rewarding aspects of being a Friends of NRA volunteer. You are not only helping to fund national programs, but you can really make a difference in your own community,” Engeset explained.

The volunteer efforts of the Friends of NRA have made significant contributions in their communities. Since 1992, their fundraising has helped the NRA Foundation award 49,000 grants totaling $398 million, largely generated from the 22,000 Friends of NRA events attended by over 4 million people over those 27 years.

“The 2018 fundraising year topped the highest net dollars raised since inception of the Friends of NRA in 1992,” noted Southern Regional Director Al Hammond. “We could not have done this without the help of thousands of dedicated committee volunteers working with our field staff and the millions of attendees who come out to support the mission of The NRA Foundation to promote education, safety training and teaching freedom.”

In recognition of their contributions, a variety of awards will be given to 2018 volunteers who have been nominated by NRA field representatives. These awards include the 2018 Committee of the Year and 2018 Regional Volunteers of the Year for the Eastern, Central, South Central, Southern, Western and Southwest regions. Award recipients receive an all-expenses-paid trip to the NRA Annual Meetings & Exhibits and will be given special recognition during this year’s National NRA Foundation BBQ & Auction. For more information, visit


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