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NOIR: Season 4 Episode 2

Have you seen the first episode of NOIR Season 4 yet? If not, click over and come back when you’re done. It’s okay; we’ll wait.

Now that you’ve watched it, you know that this new season is taking new strides in terms of cinematic quality and honest political dialogue. The second episode is no exception. And NOIR fans might get a chance to see some of the firepower that they’ve been anticipating. We asked Colion Noir what to expect this week.

A1F Daily: You have kind of a dystopian thing going on in the episode intro. Any particular influences that you were channeling?

Colion Noir: Yeah, life. It’s easy to target how dangerous our world can be or could become. That’s a good thing and a bad thing—good in that we live pretty decent lives comparatively; bad in that it can cause us to become complacent about our safety and allow us to fall victim to preventable threats to our lives.  

A1F: Are we going to see any new faces in this episode? 

CN: You will see new and old faces throughout the season. Each person has a unique perspective and represents an individual we know in life. Some faces have a lot more to say about the subject and thus will appear more throughout the show. Finding people who were willing to go on camera and talk about this stuff was really hard, especially those who leaned more anti-gun. I’m happy we found the people we did.  

A1F: Any clues about what kind of machinery we’re going to see this time around? 

CN: A lot of people got teased about seeing the M249 SAW in the first episode, but trust me: That itch will be scratched in this episode.  

NOIR Season 4, Episode 2 is online now! Watch it at the new NRA News channel.

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