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Wayne LaPierre: This Fight is Bigger Than the NRA

Wayne LaPierre: This Fight is Bigger Than the NRA

“This is a constitutional fight. It’s bigger than the NRA. It’s for all Americans,” said NRA Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre in an interview with Newsmax.

LaPierre sat down with Newsmax’s Grant Stinchfield to discuss important issues, such as President Biden’s anti-freedom agenda, New York Attorney General Letitia James’ underhanded lawsuit against the NRA and more.

“So much of this is about the hatred of some politicians towards our constitutional freedoms and the organization, the number one organization that defends it, the National Rifle Association. And all we are people all over the country that believe in their freedom,” said LaPierre in reference to James’ lawsuit.

As America’s 1st Freedom reported, “This is a blatant and political assault on American freedom. New York Attorney General Letitia James’ lawsuit is literally calling for the dissolution of the NRA.

He also spoke about the Biden administration’s overtly anti-gun plans. “If they get their way, they’ll leave Americans defending their homes with broomsticks and garden hoses. At the very root of American consciousness is ‘I have a right to defend myself, I don’t want to face evil with empty hands.’ And yet, here we see this agenda on the part of the Biden administration to just go after law-abiding people, not go after criminals. What they don’t understand is all of their gun control requires the criminals’ cooperation. The criminal could care less. Honest people all over the country, they don’t want to be left defenseless. That’s why they’re joining the NRA in record numbers now,” said LaPierre.

He concluded that the NRA is here to represent people all over this country who want their freedom defended.

You can view the entire interview with Wayne LaPierre here.

The interview is part of an “NRA series” from Newsmax TV. Other interviews in the series include NRA 2nd Vice President LTC Willes Lee (ret.) and NRA board member and North Carolina Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson.

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